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Hello Thrifters,

Sorry this video is a bit late, but alas it is still February! I truly have been obsessed with mushroom sweaters lately and wanted to create my own version of one. 🍄

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

Love, Shaynelle

Hey Thrifters,
Today we are unboxing the prize for our up-cycling contest that Thrifted Boutique held in June. This box is filled with thrifted and vintage sewing supplies!
Thank you to all of our customers who submitted to our contest. All of your pieces were beautiful and it was so hard to choose.
Barb Funk is our winner with her up-cycled tie dyed and denim overalls!!

Also, after uploading this video. I realized it was a little wonky with transitions, sorry about that haha.

Hey Thrifters,


Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who can take jewelry bound for the trash and transform it into a magical mirror? Yup, you guessed it... this video takes my collection of over 10 years of costume jewelry that is either slightly broken, missing matches, and are just not suitable for my sensitive skin and giving it a new life. This mirror base was also chilling in my childhood bedroom for God knows how long and was headed to the trash as well!