Thrifted Holiday Decor: Halloween & Christmas

The holiday season is right around the corner and it's almost time to decorate. What are your plans this year? Keep it simple? Use all your traditional pieces?

Go all out and buy new decor?

Well what ever you plan, you may find yourself at the store for filler items or your whole new style. Either way, let's chat about buying thrifted decorations instead of from big box or large online shops.

It's only October and I have already seen countless adorable decorations both for Halloween and Christmas. So how do we find what we are looking for? Here are a few helpful hints.

1. Much like big box stores, the cute stuff always goes first! So start looking as soon as you are seeing them in store.

2. Get creative and find items that you can use your crafty abilities with. Knowing your theme ahead of time helps you to pick and prepare for your decorations.

3. If you see it, grab it, a very important thing to know about thrifting is it may be here now, but may not be later! A good find is a good find.

There are pros and cons to decorating your house for the Holidays at a thrift store.


- The quality is usually far better for a way better cost than big box stores.

- You can find vintage or unique items typically not found in mainstream stores.

- With a little creativity and a base for imagination. You can design your own decorations that are unique to you.


- Duplicate items are rare to find, so for items like garland or lights can be challenging to match up.

- Damages beyond repair may make your chopping challenging too

Whether you choose to fully shop for your Holiday decor at a thriftshop or only partially. I would love to see your setups and the items you have restored or created from thrifted materials.

With Love,


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