Things We Forget Have Many Uses!

Updated: Feb 9

When we begin tho think outside of the box in regards to up cycling materials, you realize that the very thing you need is already at your home.

Living in this contemporary world, our norm is to use things for one thing and throw it away when it no longer does that task. Well, that does’t have to

be the case in your home. You can find that it actually becomes fun to see how many ways you can use this item before it reaches a land fill.

Some items that have been brought to my attention in the past few years are as follows:

  • T-shirts

  • Socks

  • Sheets

  • Curtains

  • Blankets / Quilts

  • Any fabric item that is laying around

  • Cans, sauce jars, and other food containers

  • Wine Bottles

  • Furniture needing repairs

Honestly, the list continues forever, and your possibilities are endless when you look around.

Some of my favorite things to make using old t-shirts are reusable shopping totes, as crocheting yarn (cut into strips), and as rags for cleaning.

These items that I have mentioned above made from t-shirts will be uploaded as patterns the last week of this month. So check back for a t-shirt tote bag pattern

and a pattern for making t-shirt yarn.

Socks are totally under rated when it comes to up cycling. I have seen so many cute things made from socks. Love the fact that there are crafts to do with

the single socks that have lost their mate. And the socks that have holes that are not worth darning. I have seen socks being transformed into stuffed animals, gloves, rugs,

yarn, hackie sacks, hair ties, and soap bags.

Sheets, blankets, quilts, and curtains are larger amounts of fabric and can be used to items mentions above and can be used for clothing and large bags.

Cans, sauce jars, and other food containers are not only great for reusing in the kitchen, they are also great for crafting. They work for holding utensils, plants, paint, water, and other liquids that you would’t want in your nicer dishes. If you want to get extra creative, you can decorate the outside of these containers and attach them to a piece of scrap wood or plastic to make an organizing tray or wall hanging organizer. You can also punch holes in them with a nail and hammer, creating fun designs that show when you put a candle in it.

Wine bottles are fantastic for making vases, night lights, planters, and other centerpieces. You can paint them, glue things on them, and even cut them if you are feeling fancy. My favorite glues to use for these crafts are Mod Podge or Elmers school glue, they allow for a clear dry but wet enough to stick a lot of things to bottles and cans.

Last on my list but definitely not where it ends, furniture that needs repairing is always a fun up cycling project to be had. For one, it’s awesome to not have to buy new furniture when you can just re-upholster or re-design something you already have. Some of my go to projects are to sand down scratched wood and re-staining it and sewing or stapling fabric to a chair or couch to give it a new flair.

Like I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless and I suggest getting creative with what you already have at home.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any other ideas you may have or to share any projects you have up cycled using items from your home.



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