T-Shirt Tote Bag Pattern

Hey There,

Here we are, it’s nearing the end of February and as I promised. I have 2 fun t-shirt upcycle patterns for you.

T-Shirt Tote Bag:

Step 1: Flip T-shirt inside out

Step 2: Cut off sleeves, collar, and bottom corners.

Step 3: Fold red line cuts (sleeves & collar), pin them down

Step 4: Pin blue line cuts (bottom corners) together with a 1/2 inch double stitch. Creating the bottom of the bag.

Step 5: Flip back to the right side and have a reusable tote for shopping and just holding stuff.

  • Use left over sleeves as pockets for your bag or as rags.

  • Use the collar as a hair ties.

T-shirt Yarn:

Step 1: Remove bulky t-shirt hems (orange dotted lines)

Step 2: Starting at the bottom of the shirt, ensure it’s open and only cutting one side of the shirt at a time. Make your way around the shirt cutting 1 1/2 - 2 inch sections all the way to the chest.

Step 3: Now that part of the shirt is a whole strand. Move to edge of one of the sleeves and make the same size cuts all the way around until you reach the collar area, repeat on other sleeve.

Step 4: Tie the 3 loose strand together to make one long strand.

Step 5: Wrap yarn into a ball to make it easier to craft with.

  • Use extra bulky hems as hair ties

  • Use chest areas as rags for cleaning.

Always remember, your creativity is only as far as you want it to be. Supplies for projects can be found anywhere for super cheap and even better, for free.

T-shirts are in abundance in this world, and often have a few stains that keep us from wearing them.

These are the ones that would be perfect for these patterns.

Please feel free to share any ideas or photos of projects you have made from old t-shirts.

Thanks so much,


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