Reusable Tea Bag - Pattern Included

Hello my Thrifters,

Here we are, at the end of a wintery January.

Full of chilly weather that makes the windows glisten with ice crystals and

a yearning for an activity to warm the heart.

Nothing warms my mind, body, and soul more than a hot cup of tea.

With my forever love of the taste and recent love for formulating my own blends.

I have come to explore my options of reusable tea bags.

I do own a couple tea strainers and use them frequently, but we all have to admit

that there is something about dipping your tea bag a few times during its steep.

This is when I began my research on the best reusable tea bag to make. Here is what

I came up with:

  • Natural fibers with dyes or prints are suggested. I used pre washed muslin that is 100% cotton and free from dyes including bleach.

  • Make them small enough to fit into your favorite mug, but larger enough to fill the tea you would like. (1 - 2 inches)

  • Iron your fabric into your tea bag shape before sewing

  • Double stitch and use zigzag stitch to ensure stability and to help with the fabric fraying

Pattern for tea bag:


1: Choose your fabric, preferably something with no ink so that it doesn’t end up in your tea. I use muslin for mine.

2: Machine wash and machine dry the fabric you have chosen, this will allow for any chemicals to be removed and any shrinkage to happen before sewing.

3: Iron fabric flat to allow for easy cutting.

4: Cut fabric 2.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches long. - cut as many as the fabric will allow or to how many you like.

5: Iron each one flat and then on the fold lines featured in the illustration above. First the red fold at .125 inches (1/8) iron down, then blue fold .25 inches (1/4) iron down, lastly the center fold 1.25 inches and iron flat.

6: Flip inside out so that your stitch line will be on the inside.

7: Match thread to fabric as best as you can, use the zig zag stitch on your machine, or stitch by hand on the stitch line. Be sure to avoid sealing the opening for the drawstring. Stitch on line twice to ensure stability and back tac if using a machine.

8: Fold back to the right side and cut a 20 inch drawstring. I used a bakers twine free of dyes.

9: Using a safety pin, feed the drawing string through the canal you created at the top.

10: Fill your tea bag with your favorite tea and enjoy.

Please remember that if you would like to reuse the tea inside the bag a few times, be sure to squeeze the water out as much as possible and open the bag for air flow. If you leave your bag in a wad and full of moisture. Mildew and mold can occur. Machine or hand wash as needed.



Comment for any questions or to show off the bags you created using this pattern!!

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