Crafts on a Busy Schedule

Down time, a concept that is searched for by all, yet hard to obtain. Our minds are ever racing and our priorities are not set for relaxation. It is almost as if we are shunned for spending too much time not advancing our lives.

Now I know I'm not speaking for everyone, but I sure know most of you can relate. Your crafts and hobbies have to take the back burner in order to make time for your family and human duties. You sacrifice your creativity in exchange for something more important. Some of these obligations, are not obligations at all, in fact it's quality time with the ones you love.

So how do you actually find time to upcycle that thrifted gem or add that patch to that jacket?

Bring your crafts a long the journey with you. Literally craft everywhere that is slightly acceptable. Friend hangouts, boating, camping, work (for your breaks 😘) long car rides, waiting rooms, sport practices or rehearsals for your kids, get creative. Places I choose to not craft at are restaurants, most bars, and places it obviously does not make sense.

I find that I am finally able to wear freshly upcycled clothes often now and spend time with my people.

Please feel free to share your thoughts to elaborate on this concept. Do you craft everywhere too?



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