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Updated: Jan 16

Hello my lovely Thrifters!

Sorry it has been a hot minute since my last Thrifted Lifestyle blog post.

The Holiday season always seems to come as fast as it is over.

Mine was fantastic and simple, and I hope yours was lovely too.

Special hello to our new subscribers and devoted readers!!

Now that we are winding down and the true winter weather is among us, it’s time

to prepare ourselves to spend a lot of time inside.

One activity that I never do in the summer and I save for the winter months is to knit using a machine. I was blessed to have inherited not one but two beautiful vintage knitting machines from the 1960s. I am still a newbie for sure, but am so excited to bust it back out and create.

A few fun facts to know about:

1. Old school knitting machines is that they don’t actually require electricity and have no motor.

2. The machine has a bunch of tiny latch hooks that grab your yarn and is run completely by your hands.

3.You can no longer purchase machine new such as the ones I have, but you can purchase new with their new style.

Another activity that I love busting out in the winter months is making winter apparel such a mittens, hate, and scarves out of old sweaters or bath robes. These fabrics are usually so soft and cozy and perfect for having one more life to them. Especially if they have a stain or rip that is beyond repair, you can avoid these areas by making smaller items.

Lastly, a winter activity that brings me some joy while cooped up inside, is to prepare for summer with crafts that I usually don’t have time for during the hot months. Spending hours behind your sewing machine during the beautiful summertime can be treacherous. But dang, I really wanted to make that bathing suit for my beach trip, or that satchel that will be perfect for our next camping trip. Well, now is the time. Feel moments of sunshine while you create a garments or tactile item you can use during the summer.

Thanks for reading!

God bless and create with thrifted materials when possible!!



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