Bedridden Crafts

Updated: Jan 10

In this season, the weather has switched to chilly and the indoor lifestyle is upon us. Unfortunately so are sicknesses that bring us to our beds for a short while. We suffer from body aches, fevers, and sneezes that send shivers. But most of all, bordem creeps in for moments attempting peace.

How do you keep your mind from drifting? How do you pass the time?

Is that 8th episode of the second season binge keeping you occupied?

This exact scenario is the life I have just lived for the past 2 weeks. Covid-19 had finally gotten to me and my quarentine began. I caught up on anything I wanted to watch, slept off the initial wave of symptoms, and woke up in restlessness. With a whole week left before I was not contagious, my mind began to wander. Which for many of us over thinkers can go 1 of 2 ways. Being already weak physically, my mental state could not take a hit too. So with a lot of prayer, I thank God I am a pack rat with tons of crafts just waiting to be created.

With the little strength that was coming back to me. I inched myself to the thrifted yarn stash in the corner to thumb through it. I also located a wire snowman that I had purchased at a Dollar Tree not too long ago. Hmm I thought. I could use a little Christmas crafting and holiday movies action to lighten my spirit.

So this is exactly what I did. I watched movie after movie, while I crocheted this adorable snowman that I typically would not have time to create. My favorite part of this project is the scarf that was made from all the scrap yarn pieces I had accumulated over other projects. I was watching Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors, Circle of Love and loved the message given from that movie. Both the kindness and thrifted nature of their lifestyle. So I decided to add that energy to the project I was working on.

I hope you are all well and staying healthy. But if you are like me and find yourself at home quarantining. It's always nice to entertain yourself with crafts that make you happy.

Happy Holiday Season!!


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